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Postnatal services for mothers facing breastfeeding challenges

supplemental nursing system SNS
I work one-to-one with your family to ease the start of your breastfeeding journey and to explore solutions that will allow you to breastfeed confidently, comfortably and effectively.

Every baby and every mother is different. I tailor my support to your personal circumstances and help you find what works for you and your baby. I may help you…

  • smooth out any early days’ wrinkles
  • address slow and low weight gain concerns both early on and in later weeks (possibly including low milk supply)
  • remedy and improve sore nipples and painful breasts
  • understand and find ways to meet the needs of a fussy baby or a sleepy baby
  • find strategies to maintain breastfeeding if you and your baby are separated or if your baby cannot be at the breast
  • work through challenges involved in coming home from hospital with a late pre-term baby or a baby who has spent longer than expected in hospital (finding what works for your baby in the context of your home)
  • plan for a return to work whilst still breastfeeding a baby or toddler
  • feel confident about exclusive breastfeeding